Students are frequently at a crossroads while deciding whether to pursue a BE or a BTech in computer science. According to Statista, computer science engineering was the most enrolled discipline in engineering at the undergraduate level in India in 2020, with over 935,000 enrollments. The All India Council for Technical Education recognizes both the BE and BTech degrees in computer science (AICTE).

When discussing which is better BE or BTech in computer science, BTech is a programme for individuals who want to be immersed in the technicalities of computer science, whereas BE is the best option for developing a strong conceptual framework in computer science. Nevertheless, a BTech continues to be the top choice for engineering students seeking a degree in computer science. At this point, it is critical to grasp your calibre as well as the structure of the degree that you are interested in before making a selection for yourself.

Let us go over the distinctions between the two degrees in terms of curriculum, eligibility, top universities, employment opportunities, salary, and future prospects. Read right till the end to find out the verdict between which is better BE or BTech in computer science.

Students trying to understand the difference between BE and BTech

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Computer Science: Overview

BE (Bachelor of Engineering) is a four-year undergraduate computer science degree. It prepares you for a career in computer science and opens doors to opportunities in software development, systems engineering, and other fields. A BE degree covers a broad range of topics, such as programming, algorithms, computer systems, software engineering, data structures, networks, and operating systems.

BE in computer science is a popular major that draws a rising number of students each year. The degree is desirable not only for high-paying private-sector professions but also for a variety of government jobs.

Bachelor of Technology (BTech) in Computer Science: Overview

Another 4-year undergraduate engineering degree is the Bachelor of Technology, with its most opted specialization being BTech in computer science. The degree is similar to a BE in computer science but differs in curriculum and structure. It is a skill-based degree that focuses on the study of computer-related topics and their application.

In the comparison of which is better BE or BTech in computer science, the BTech degree includes field trips as well as internships to provide training and understanding of real-world computer science applications. This degree falls under the engineering and technology sector and is only available through universities that specialize in engineering degrees, such as IITs.

BE in Computer ScienceBTech in Computer Science
Course Duration4 years4 years
Type of CourseProfessionalProfessional
FocusFocuses on theory and knowledge acquisition.Focuses on skills and practical implementation of the theory.
Average FeesINR 6-15 lakhsINR 8-15 lakhs
Admission ProcessMerit and national, state, or institutional entrance test scores.Merit and national, state, or institutional entrance test scores.
Average Starting SalaryINR 2.5 LPAINR 3 LPA

BE vs BTech in Computer Science: Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for studying BE or BTech in computer science are nearly identical. Entrance tests are the way to admission to both the BE and BTech programmes in computer science. Before delving into the comparison and determining which is better BE or BTech in Computer Science, let us first define what it takes to be qualified for an undergraduate degree in computer science.

Eligibility Criteria to Pursue BE in Computer Science

  • First and foremost you need to complete 10+2 years of education in science and score a minimum of 45%.
  • Your subjects studied at the 10+2 level must include Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics.
  • If you are planning to get admission to one of the top engineering colleges in India, it is recommended that you secure at least 75% at the 10+2 level.
  • You must be at least 17 years of age at the time of admission.
  • Admission to most of the esteemed colleges is either merit-based or through scores of national-level entrance exams like JEE. It is best to target a score of 250 or above to secure a seat in one of the top-tier colleges.
  • You may also take admission through state-level or institute-specific entrance tests if accepted by the university you wish to apply to.

Eligibility Criteria to Pursue BTech in Computer Science

  • Primarily like any other undergraduate degree, you need to complete a 10+2 level of education with a science background scoring a minimum of 45% from a recognized board.
  • You are expected to have Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as your subjects at the 10+2 level.
  • Your admission will be subject to national, state-level or institute-specific entrance examinations such as JEE or SRMJEEE.
  • Admission to the top IITs or NITs is a hard nut to crack, therefore aim for achieving high scores in the JEE exams.

Note: Eligibility criteria can vary basis of university requirements. Do check the official website of the desired college or university for its requirements. Read more about how to get a computer science degree in 2023.

Computers showing BE vs Btech which is better

Curriculum and Program Expectations

Before determining which is better BE or BTech in computer science, it may be useful to understand the differences in the course curriculum for both prominent engineering degrees. You should carefully review the syllabus for both of these degrees since it will help you understand which degree is most suited to your talents and interests. The distinction that must be made is that BE in computer science emphasizes theoretical understanding, whereas BTech in computer science is more practical and technology-oriented.

Both BE and BTech in computer science degrees are distributed across 8 semesters covering a variety of subjects. Here is a table highlighting differences in the core curriculum to help you decide which is better BE or BTech in computer science:

BE in Computer ScienceBTech in Computer Science
Programming LanguagesApplied Physics
Operating SystemApplied Mathematics
Mobile Application DevelopmentManagement System
Computer SoftwareAlgorithm and Design
CybersecurityWeb Technologies
Ethical HackingMachine Learning

Top Colleges offering BE and BTech in Computer Science in India

Computer science has grown rapidly in recent years, creating a significant need for qualified experts. Many leading institutions in India offer undergraduate programmes in Computer Science and Engineering, including BE and BTech degrees, to accommodate this need. In the comparison of which is better BE or BTech in computer science, let’s take a look at some of the best universities in India that offer these degrees, taking into account variables like academic reputation, faculty, facilities, and placement chances.

BE in Computer ScienceBTech in Computer Science
IIT Bombay, MumbaiIIT Madras, Chennai
IIT Delhi, New DelhiIIT Delhi, New Delhi
IIT Kharagpur, KharagpurIIT Bombay, Mumbai
IIT Madras, ChennaiIIT Kanpur, Kanpur
IIT Kanpur, KanpurIIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur

BE vs BTech in Computer Science: Career Scope

Before enrolling in any programme, one should thoroughly comprehend the chances that await them once they complete the degree, and only then should one decide if BE or BTech in computer science is better. Both are undergraduate degrees that will give you a number of options. However, BE has a narrower scope than BTech because it focuses on knowledge rather than skills. Nevertheless, let’s have a look at what you can achieve with these degrees:

Scope After a BE in Computer Science

  • Degree options: The most common choice for students after completing a BE in computer science is to enrol for a master’s degree such as a Master of Engineering, Master of Science, Master of Technology, Master of Applied Science, or Master of Business Administration with a focus on Information Technology, or MPhil in computer science. 
  • Specializations: The scope of BE in computer science has been widened with the introduction of various short-term diploma and certificate courses in artificial intelligence, robotics, data science, cybersecurity, and more. Advanced studies in computer sciences that help in skill enhancement such as programming, app development, game development, website designing, computer graphics and visualization, etc. are add-ons that may add value to your CV.
  • Job opportunities: Job opportunities include positions in manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, banking and finance, telecommunications, retail, and the public sector. Google, Apple, Microsoft, TCS, and other companies are among those you might want to work for.

Scope After a BTech in Computer Science

  • Degree options: You must have noticed this trend among students in India to pursue MBA after BTech in computer science and it actually does help in building a flourishing career. The combination of technical knowledge along with business can be a rewarding one. You can always go for a traditional master’s degree such as MTech in computer science or MTech in information technology which will definitely help you in career growth. Furthermore, if you are a curious individual who likes to dive deeper into things, you may be a good candidate for research in the field.
  • Specializations: Short-term diploma courses in robotics, software testing, nanotechnology, networking, cloud computing, database systems, VLSI, web design, and other fields are available.
  • Job opportunities: You can expect to be hired for roles in the public sector, software industry, infrastructure, core engineering companies, and private sector companies too. Top recruiters for BTech in computer science graduates include Amazon, Google, Meta, Oracle, Infosys, TCS, etc.

Job Prospects and Average Salaries 

Coming to one of the most important points that students are keen to know about before deciding between which is better BE or BTech in computer science, the job prospects, and related average salaries. We are here to enlighten you about how much money you can make after getting a BE or BTech degree in computer science.

Job Opportunities after BE in Computer Science

BE in computer science graduates have numerous job options with good salary packages. With a bachelor’s degree, you may expect to earn INR 3 LPA as an entry-level employee. Of course, as your experience grows, so will your compensation. For work chances, you can always count on campus placements. You can choose from the following job positions:

Job PositionAverage Annual Salaries (INR)
Data Analyst4,88,500
Web Designer2,90,000
IT Consultant10,00,000
Software Developer5,75,000
Database Administrator5,20,000

Job Opportunities after BTech in Computer Science

As previously discussed, BTech graduates are more employable than those with a BE degree. This is due to BTech graduates having superior practical skills and expertise required for a career. This is one of the main reasons why students who are debating between BE and BTech in computer science are drawn to BTech. A BTech in computer science graduate can expect to find positions such as those shown in the table below:

Job PositionAverage Annual Salaries (INR)
Software Developer5,74,000
System Analyst6,40,000
Testing Engineer4,37,500
Network Engineer3,70,500
Web Developer3,50,500

Curious about the day in the life of a computer science graduate? We recommend reading about what does a computer science engineer do?

Students working on computers and trying to understand which is better BE or BTech in computer science

What’s the Verdict?

The question that we started with is which is better BE or BTech in computer science? Coming back to that, it is safe to say that both these degrees have a global appeal and will serve as a ladder to success. The ultimate choice lies with you as no one better than yourself can decide which course is the right one for you.

What can be said about which is better BE or BTech in computer science is that after evaluating both these degrees on various parameters, BTech comes out as a better choice in terms of scope and future opportunities if you want a practical approach. Both programmes provide a solid foundation in computer science and prepare students for a variety of job paths. Those interested in pursuing research or higher education, on the other hand, may benefit from the more academic and in-depth curriculum given in BE programmes, whilst those interested in a hands-on, practical application may prefer the BTech programme. Before making a decision, students should research and analyse the curricula, pedagogy, and other aspects of each programme.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Should I choose BTech or BE?

Before making a choice, it is important to compare the differences and understand which is better BE or BTech in computer science. BTech has a wider scope in the industry and in terms of placements whereas BE is research-oriented. It is upon your skills and interests to choose BTech or BE whichever degree aligns with your goals. Both degrees are equally competitive and will open doors to a successful career if chosen wisely.

  • Who has more salary BTech or BE?

The average salary for BTech, as well as BE, is more or less similar. The salary for BTech graduates may be slightly higher than BE. The starting salary for BTech graduates is around INR 3 LPA whereas BE graduates can earn about INR 2.5 LPA. The difference in salaries depends more upon the job title, organization, skills, and experience rather than the qualifications since both these degrees are recognized and have equal status. You can also enhance your earning potential by adding a few high-value skills to your CV. Once you have experience in the relevant field, any degree will be valuable for you.

  • Is BTech in computer science worth it?

Yes, BTech in computer science is definitely worth it. There is ample scope after BTech such as pursuing higher education, jobs in the public sector, pursuing a management degree like MBA, courses or diploma in trending fields, or working in the private sector. The demand for skilled professionals in the field of computer science is growing rapidly which makes BTech all the more desirable. A BTech in computer science can eventually help you fulfil your dream of working with a tech giant and getting huge paychecks.

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  • Which degree has more value BE or BTech?

If we talk about the market value of the two degrees and which is better BE or BTech in computer science, clearly there is none better than the other. Both degrees have equal value but vary in terms of approach. However, employers today value skills and BTech is the right degree to add skills to your CV which is why BTech graduates often have an upper hand in the job market. A BTech degree often involves an internship which counts as experience relevant to working in a full-time job.