With the introduction of modern technology and the Internet during the last four decades, the field of engineering has seen significant change. With the emergence of computers and the Internet, a whole new world of engineering was opened up. The field of computer science engineering exists inside this new universe. But what is computer science engineering?

CSE, or computer science engineering, is the branch of engineering that is in charge of developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining computer software and hardware. CSE is a broad technical subject with numerous career options and opportunities for personal development. We have provided a full explanation to assist you to understand what computer science engineering is.

Computer Science Engineering

Computer science is an engineering discipline that combines science and technology to create and develop systems and applications. It places a strong emphasis on solving engineering problems using mathematics and computing techniques. Computer science engineering is a relatively new multidisciplinary discipline that mixes concepts and principles from computer science, mathematics, science, and engineering to build a new, cohesive, and continually evolving body of knowledge.

With the advent of the digital age, computer science engineering has emerged as one of the most popular degrees among aspiring engineers. Given its novelty, the average Joe may struggle to comprehend what computer science engineering entails. So, what is computer science engineering? Computer science engineering is a course that focuses on the fundamentals of computer programming and computers. It includes a wide range of topics including as computation, programming languages, programme design, algorithms, computer hardware and software, and so on. Many institutes and universities in India and worldwide offer undergraduate and graduate programmes in computer science engineering.

A Brief History of Computer Science Engineering

What is computer science engineering? Coined by George Forsythe in 1961, the term computer science was an umbrella term to describe programming theory, data processing, computer system design, and numerical analysis. Computer science emerged as an academic field in 1962, and it was a dynamic discipline with innovators introducing machines and technologies that compelled the field of computer science to evolve and adapt to these inventions. 

Computing machines have been a part of human history since ancient times. Complex machines with metal gears and pointers were used by the Ancient Greeks to predict the motion of stars and planets; since then we have made marvellous advancements. From the invention of logarithms to Charles Babbage’s analytical machine in the 20th Century.

Technological advancements took place at a breakneck pace between 1980 and 2000. From the invention of the Internet to the widespread use of mobile phones, computer science and engineering became an integral part of modern life. The rapid pace of technological development gave way to a new discipline now called computer science engineering.

Computer Science Engineering in 21st Century

CSE is the process of solving complex computational problems by using a combination of the principles of computer science and computer engineering. The importance of this discipline stems from the fact that computers and technology have become an indispensable part of every single sector and industry; from healthcare to finance, aerospace, automobiles, etc. 

Computer science engineers play an important role in the organisations they are a part of: 

  • Analyse the impact of computers and computing on individuals, organisations, and society
  • Design, build, maintain, and update both complex hardware and software systems
  • Build, implement and evaluate computer systems and processes
  • Leverage technical solutions to solve complex problems

Because no firm can function properly in the Digital Age without computer-driven technologies, computer science engineering is a vital discipline.

The Indispensable Role of Computer Science Engineering

While answering what is computer science engineering, it is important to understand what role it plays in today’s society. Because of its ability to solve complicated issues, automate jobs, and improve communication and collaboration, computer science engineering has become a vital and irreplaceable component of human existence. Here are some of the main reasons why CSE has grown in importance:

  1. Innovation: CSE is a dynamic and fast-expanding subject, with new technologies, applications, and paradigms appearing on a regular basis. As a result, CSE has the potential to drive innovation in a variety of sectors and businesses, ranging from renewable energy to space exploration.
  2. Widespread Computing: Computers, from cell phones to laptops to smart home gadgets, are now an indispensable part of our daily lives. CSE has played a major part in shrinking, powering up, and making computer devices more accessible, allowing us to accomplish jobs and access information from anywhere at any time.
  3. Collaboration Across Disciplines: CSE is a naturally interdisciplinary field, having linkages to mathematics, physics, biology, and many other disciplines. As a result, CSE has the potential to encourage cooperation and knowledge-sharing across fields, resulting in new discoveries and breakthroughs.
  4. Digital Transformation: Almost every company and area in today’s society is undergoing a digital transformation. From e-commerce platforms to online banking to digital healthcare, CSE has played a key role in designing the software, hardware, and systems that underpin this transition.

Daily Life Applications of Computer Science Engineering

Computer Science Engineering (CSE) has played a significant role in altering how we live our daily lives. The primary purpose of CSE is to improve and simplify people’s lives by developing breakthrough technologies and applications that solve complicated problems, automate processes, and improve communication and cooperation. In this section, we will look at some of the most practical and powerful CSE applications that have become a part of our daily lives.

  1. Internet and the World Wide Web: These are vital components of modern communication, information sharing, and business. CSE has played a major role in the development of internet technologies including networking protocols, web standards, and cybersecurity measures.
  2. Smartphones and Mobile Applications: Smartphones and mobile applications have transformed the way we interact, work, and enjoy ourselves. Smartphone technology is based on CSE, which includes hardware design, operating systems, and mobile applications.
  3. AI and Machine Learning: AI and ML are revolutionising a variety of industries, from healthcare to finance to transportation. CSE has played a key role in the development of AI and ML algorithms, systems, and software frameworks.
  4. Healthcare Information Systems: HIS are critical for patient care, medical research, and public health management. CSE has helped build electronic health records, medical imaging systems, and telemedicine technologies, all of which increase the quality and accessibility of healthcare services.
  5. Autonomous Vehicles: Self-driving automobiles and other autonomous vehicles are poised to revolutionise the way we travel and transport things. CSE is at the forefront of developing autonomous vehicle technology such as computer vision, sensor fusion, and control systems.

Core Concepts of Computer Science

So, when someone askes what is computer science engineering, we can say that computer science engineering comprises concepts and theories from computer science and computer engineering. Like every other field, there are some core concepts which are an integral part of learning what is computer science engineering.

  1. Programming Languages: These refer to a computer language used by programmers in order to develop software, scripts, and other sets of instructions which are then executed by the computers. Some examples of programming languages are Java, C++, Python, etc.
  2. Algorithms and Data Structures: Algorithms are a collection of steps which can be carried out to solve problems and data structures refer to a named location used to store and organise data.
  3. Computer Architecture and Organising: The architecture of a computer system refers to a catalogue of tools or attributes which are visible to the user whereas the organisation of a computer system defines the way the system is structured so that all the tools can be utilised.

Subjects Covered in Computer Science Engineering

When you ask the question what is computer science engineering, you also ask what will I learn in this course. Well, computer science engineering delivers a variety of subjects from both computer science and computer engineering such as: 

  1. Cloud computing: In layman’s terms cloud computing is the delivery of computing services. Computing services include servers, databases, software, storage, analytics, networking, and Intelligence. These services are delivered over the Internet to offer faster innovation, flexible resources and economies of scale. 
  2. Computer Architecture and Organisation: Under this subject, you will be studying the internal working mechanisms of a computer system. It is the study or the learning of the construction of the inner structure of computers. 
  3. Design and Analysis of Algorithms: It aids in your understanding of how algorithms should be created to address every type of issue in the field of computer science and information technology.
  4. Database Management Systems: This course covers the types of software that are in charge of storing and retrieving data from computer systems. It is also in charge of providing users with regular data updates.
  5. Compiler Design: Students learn the value of a compiler and aid in its creation so that it can identify errors in computer programmes and correct them.
  6. Data Structure and Algorithm: Refers to the structural study of computers which comprises a special format used for organising and storing data. 
  7. Software Testing: Students learn how to compute the functionality of any software application in order to test whether it is capable of meeting certain requirements or not; and how to rectify the route to enhance the software’s quality. 
Subjects taught in CSE include cloud computing, algorithm analysis, database management, etc., leading to the question, What is computer science engineering? Kalvium

Education and Training Requirements

Computer science engineering is a highly specialised field with a high demand for skilled individuals driven by curiosity and innovation. Completing a course in CSE requires a lot of time and effort; students need to equip themselves with both technical and creative skills. Both theoretical and practical subjects are taught in CSE courses.

One must have certain educational certifications to become a computer science engineer. There are several paths one might take to become a CS engineer. For example, certificate courses, diploma courses, and undergraduate degree programs are a few options. If you already have an undergraduate degree, you can pursue a master’s or PhD degree in CSE. Furthermore, you can even pursue various self-learning online programs to master the field of computer science.

If you want to learn more about the education and training requirements and to understand what is computer science engineering even better, we recommend you to read How To Get a Computer Science Degree: 12th To Postgraduate. Here is a quick table to help you get a better idea of the educational requirements:

CertificateCertificate Course in CSE10+2 from any recognised Indian or foreign board6 months
DiplomaDiploma Course in CSE10+2 from any recognised Indian or foreign board2 years
Undergraduate B.Tech in CSE10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Maths from any recognised board4 years
PostgraduateM. Tech in Computer ScienceBachelor’s degree in CSE or a relevant computer field2 years
DoctorateP.h.D in CSEMaster’s Degree in Computer Science4-5 years

What Computer Science Engineers Do

What is computer science engineering and what does it mean to pursue a career in this field? CSE is a 4-year B.Tech programme which integrates concepts of computer science and engineering. It is a highly lucrative field as CSE professionals are in high demand by recruiters and it provides both job security and career satisfaction.

Career Opportunities

While the question of what is computer science engineering is an essential one, it is equally important to answer what are the career opportunities in this vast field. An entry-level computer science engineer’s career options are not limited to jobs within tech companies. Because CSE has diverse applications, CS engineers can work in any industry or area. While the list of CSE careers is extensive, here are some of your options after completing a course in Computer Science Engineering:

  1. Web developer
  2. Systems analyst
  3. Software Developer
  4. Research & development
  5. Product Manager
  6. Data scientist
  7. Cloud computing engineer
  8. Artificial intelligence and machine learning engineer
  9. Software engineer
  10. Database administrator
  11. Computer hardware engineer
  12. Computer network architect
  13. Cyber security specialist

The demand for CS engineers is increasing and with new advancements in technology, it is unlikely that the industry will witness a fall in demand. To know more about what CS engineers do, you can refer to our comprehensive guide.


Computer science engineers are required in every field to fulfil the technological requirements of companies and organisations. Besides a general degree in computer science engineering, some colleges and universities also offer specialisations in certain domains under CSE such as:

  1. Data Science
  2. Machine learning
  3. Cyber security
  4. Artificial intelligence
  5. Cloud Computing
  6. Digital transformation

Salary Scope in Computer Science

Computer science engineers have great potential in the technology industry and organisations are on the constant lookout for qualified professionals who can meet their requirements. If you are considering a career in CSE but are concerned about pay, you may rest easy knowing that there is a huge demand for qualified computer science engineers and that the jobs are well-paying.

We have prepared a list of average salaries in various job profiles after getting a degree in CSE:

Software DeveloperINR 5 LPA
Software EngineerINR 5.3 LPA
Database AdministratorINR 10.1 LPA
Computer Hardware EngineerINR 2 LPA
Computer Network AnalystINR 20.4 LPA
Project ManagerINR 14.5 LPA
Cyber Security SpecialistINR 10.8 LPA
Digital MarketerINR 7.2 LPA
Tech Marketing and SalesINR 10.5 LPA

Future of Computer Science Engineering

Computers are found in almost every aspect of life; we use technology and software in our daily lives such as cellphones, laptops, computers, tablets, various applications, and so on. When we consider what computer science engineering is and what its future holds, we realise that every industry is getting digital. Every firm is transforming and adapting to current technology.

In comparison to other industries, the IT sector is quickly expanding and experiencing a high need for Computer Science Engineers. These experts can be certain of a high standard of living because it is one of the highest-paying jobs in India and worldwide. Here are 5 quick future scenarios wherein Computer Science will play an essential role.

  1. AI-powered personal assistants on smartphones will improve the efficiency of daily tasks
  2. Self-driving cars will alter the way we travel
  3. Remote meetings and entertainment will benefit from virtual reality
  4. Voice-controlled appliances in smart homes make them easier to use
  5. Biometric security methods for online transactions will become more common

Due to significant demand and application, the discipline of computer science engineering has been able to maintain its research possibilities alive, resulting in many students opting for higher education. There are options for specialising in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Data Mining, Embedded System, Virtual Computing, Distributed Control Systems, and other fields. In our quest to understand what is computer science engineering, let’s look at the scope it holds in the unforeseen future!

What is computer science engineering? A computer performing complex solutions Kalvium

Scope of Computer Science Engineering

Computer science engineering is a vast field of study with applications in a broad range of sectors. While making a decision about your career in CSE, you may find yourself wondering what is computer science engineering and what is its scope?

Computer science engineering has a vast scope:

  1. Cloud computing: With advancements in cloud computing and the tendency of new technologies to depend on it, the need for professionals and experts in cloud computing is rising. 
  2. IT Hubs: The boom in new technologies and innovations is the result of the advent of the Digital Age. We are living in a dynamic age, with new innovations being introduced almost every day. Skilled professionals such as Computer science engineers are therefore an integral part of software companies located in IT Hubs such as Silicon Valley in the US and Bangalore in India. 
  3. Transportation Services: The need for computer science engineering is not restricted to IT Hubs. Their services are required by the transportation sector as well. This is because there is a need for more efficiency in GPS services. 
  4. Telecommunication Services: Computer science engineers work in the telecommunication field as well, especially since it has become dependent on digital technology.
  5. Computer Manufacturing: It goes without saying that the best person to help manufacture a computer is a computer science engineer. CS engineers have knowledge about not just the software but also the hardware, making them highly skilled in this domain. Most of the major Fortune 500 computer manufacturing companies are therefore constantly recruiting CS engineers.

What’s the verdict?

To briefly answer the question, what is computer science engineering? One could say that it is a highly dynamic field of study which integrates the branches of computer science and computer engineering to form a new area of study. 

The field of computer science engineering has a vast scope, both in terms of study and career. Students get to learn a variety of subjects such as computation, programming languages, programme design, algorithms, computer hardware and software, etc. They also get the opportunity to work in almost any field from healthcare to IT, finance, automobile, etc. 

Kalvium: A Program Which is Unique

When you ask yourself “what is computer science engineering?”, you’re not just looking for the technical definition. You’re also asking what your next steps are. Computer science engineering is an ever-changing domain which compels everyone involved in it to adapt to new innovations and advancements. Therefore, it is time to let go of traditional learning of CSE and choose a newer model of learning.

Kalvium offers India’s first liberal engineering programme in computer science. Grades are no longer the only requirement when it comes to establishing a successful career. Kalvium offers a curriculum that takes into consideration not only the technical knowledge but also the student’s experience in the real world. With internships, placements, and an experiential learning curriculum, Kalvium is India’s leading choice for liberal engineering.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is computer science engineering hard?

Computer science is in no way an easier alternative to the other branches of engineering. It requires a student to possess a technical and logical mindset and be unrelenting in face of “unsolvable” equations. CSE students must be patient and persistent. 

When pursued through an industry-relevant course like the one offered at Kalvium, computer science engineering can become very enjoyable. India’s first liberal school of engineering, Kalvium offers industry mentoring, first-year internships, and an overall cutting-edge curriculum that emphasises today’s learning and tomorrow’s advancement. Join us today as we explore the realm of computer science engineering!

  • What is the difference between computer science and computer engineering?

While computer science offers a higher emphasis on computing theory, translating to a stronger focus on cybersecurity, algorithms, and computer networks, the field of computer engineering tends to prioritise computer architecture and development. When we ask, what is computer science engineering, we must know about its root branches as well. 

  • Is CS engineering a good career?

Computer science engineers are in high demand right now thanks to the development of data technology, robots, and machine learning. These jobs are all well-paid in the twenty-first century, with an average yearly salary of INR 6,20,244 in India. To answer the question, what is computer science engineering, and to find out more about this field, read What Does a Computer Science Engineer Do? A Comprehensive Guide.