My First Week at Kalvium | Experience


The first day at Kalvium was the induction day. It was a great day. The day started on a very good note as in the starting itself there was a great activity for the people who reached late. They were asked to do some punishments that were fun. Later we discussed a lot of topics which helped me overcome my social anxiety. It helped me learn how to keep my point in front of everybody, which has been my biggest fear till now. The induction included a lot of games and great activities that kept our bodies active. In short, it was a great day with a lot of fun learning.

My First Day at Class

I was very upset as my parents had left and it was just me starting my college life. I was feeling a little low, however, when I reached my classroom the faculty there was very hospitable. They made us feel very comfortable and I didn’t feel like I had met them for the first time. The learning experience was interactive and enlightening. The Kalvium program has live books through which we can learn on our own and the faculty is always present to help us with our doubts. It was a new experience. Till now we have only had our lecturers teach the class, but now we have been introduced to self-paced learning. I feel this is better as when you learn something on your own the chances of forgetting it are very less. My first day was a great start in the program.

Overall Experience

I just love everything about being a Kalvian. It is a very good and positive experience. The best part is the faculty that is supportive and understanding. They never talk rudely to us or make us feel small. They always treat us the same way they treat their work colleague. The first thing they told us was to call the teacher by their name. It was difficult for us at first but by the end of the first week, we have been accustomed to this new introduction. This was the first step the Kalvium team has taken to make us feel that we are on the same level as they are. Furthermore, the way learning takes place is a different experience in itself. Here things are different.

We have to read about the assigned topic on our own first, and then they make us play a fun game related to it so that we can learn the concepts by connecting them to a real-life situation. The way of teaching is indeed great. There was an industry chat organised with Sidharth Vinod. We learned a lot from him as he has been working in the field for the past four years. He shared tips and tricks that would help us have a great start in our careers.

A regular day at Kalvium is like an office as it starts at 09:00 am and ends at 06:30 pm, which is normal office hours today. But yes, there is a lot of workload here. The timings are rigorous and we have to submit a lot of assignments. We don’t get too much time for our extracurricular activities and by the end of the day, we are so tired that we are not able to do anything except sleep. But this hard work will pay off after one year when we will get our first internship and at the start of 4th year when we will get a good placement.

At Last!

I would like to say that it was a great week with a lot of learning. A lot of fun took place and I for one conquered my fear of social anxiety. I am very happy that I choose the Kalvium program over a normal computer science course.

– Tanishka Dadhich