If you are considering a career in engineering, we have compiled a list of the finest new engineering courses in India for 2023. Our selection includes diverse fields such as genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and more. 

Engineering is undoubtedly the most sought-after field in India. It offers lucrative career opportunities, an envious pay scale, and a scope for consistent growth. With so many engineering courses available, choosing the best fit for your interests and career goals can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in. Explore our list of new engineering courses in India and unlock your future potential.

Top 5 New Engineering Courses in India

Let’s briefly look at unheard topics and industries, so you can find something that aligns with your interests and passions. 

Genetic Engineering

 Are you considering a career in genetic engineering? Are you ready to find solutions for the biggest challenges facing humanity? Such as feeding a growing population, developing new medicines, or combating diseases. Some of the well-known applications of genetic engineering include artificial insemination, in vitro fertilisation, cloning, and gene manipulation. These techniques contribute to creating numerous biomedical innovations in the field of medicine. 

SRM University Chennai, Sharda University, and Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research are the leading examples of Indian universities that offer this course.

Alternative Energy Engineer

This field is all about finding ways to generate energy cleanly and sustainably. It’s a field that’s becoming increasingly important as we look for alternatives to reduce our impact on the environment. If you’re interested in finding solutions to energy challenges, then renewable energy engineering is the perfect field for you!

Many professionals in this field have ties in energy, mechanical, or electrical engineering and hold undergraduate degrees in these domains. UNIPUNE, IIEST Shibpur, and Integral University are the top 3 universities that offer this specialisation in India.


The prefix “nano” refers to one billionth of a unit of measurement, and this field involves working with infinitesimally small particles and structures. In nanoengineering, you look at how you can improve materials by studying and working with them on the level of nanometers. It’s all about manipulating and optimising materials at a very tiny level.

Nanoengineering provides a paramount contribution to industries such as information technology, medicine, energy, and environmental science and is a revolutionary field. IIT Roorkee Uttarakhand, ICT Mumbai, and Jadavpur University are some of the central universities that offer this program.

Control Engineering (AR & VR)

Looking for the next big thing in control engineering? Look no further than augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). These exciting and innovative fields are using the principles of control theory to design cutting-edge systems. AR involves adding digital content to the real world, while VR creates a simulated environment. Control engineering has a wide range of applications across various sectors, including defence, aerospace, IT, medicine, and transportation, among others. 

Sadly, no universities in India today are delivering full-fledged courses in this futuristic field. However, in recent years, a significant number of startups in India have focused on the AR/VR field.

Mechatronics Engineering  

Ready to be a part of the future of engineering? Mechatronics is where it’s at! Combining the power of electronics and mechanical engineering will create intelligent machines that can analyse their environment and make smart decisions. This exciting field is poised to change the way we live and work, and the opportunities for growth and innovation are endless. 

This field requires a broad understanding of computer engineering, telecommunications, system engineering, and control engineering. CEG Anna University, VIT Vellore, and IIEST Shibpur are the top universities offering these programs. 

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Top 3 Industry-Oriented New Engineering Courses in India

Are you interested in engineering as a career directly applicable to the industry? With a combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle real-world challenges and make a meaningful impact in your field. But, you need to pick the right course for that! Here are the current trending new engineering courses in India that our industry-oriented and fast-paced,

Robotics Engineering

With the ability to design, build, and program robots, you are going to be in high demand across a variety of industries. For example, for the fans, think about all the cool robots we’ve seen in films like “Iron Man,” “Ex Machina,” and “Real Steel.” These advanced machines are made possible by robotics engineers who use their skills to bring fictional technologies to life.

However, it’s not solely the entertainment industry that needs robotics engineers. From manufacturing and healthcare to agriculture and defence, there are endless possibilities for professionals in this field to make a difference and shape the future.

Biotech Engineering

The biotech industry in India is all set to experience tremendous growth in the coming years, with a projected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 22% by 2025. India is a major player in the global biotechnology industry, ranking among the top 12 destinations worldwide and the third largest in the Asia Pacific region. 

Engineers with a background in biotech engineering can look forward to career opportunities in areas such as drug development, diagnostic testing, medical device design, and environmental remediation.

Cybersecurity Analyst

Are you an Indian engineer looking to break into the cybersecurity field? A career as a cybersecurity analyst is in high demand and offers a lucrative salary. According to data from the National Association of Software and Services Companies, the average salary for a cybersecurity analyst in India is INR 5,00,000 per year, with a projected growth of 13 % through 2026. 

With the increasing reliance on technology and the constant threat of cyber attacks, now is the perfect time to start your career as a cybersecurity analyst.

Top 5 Self-Paced Learning Platforms For New Engineering Courses in India

The 21st century requires you to take control of your learning. One way to achieve that is through self-paced engineering courses. Various online platforms can help you learn at your own pace and convenience. Here are our top picks of new engineering courses in India that you can pursue,


It is a global provider of digital education that addresses the talent shortages impacting the growth, productivity, and innovation of businesses and individuals. One of the trending new engineering courses offered is Self-Driving Car Engineer. Udacity’s Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree program is certified by top tech organisations such as NVIDIA and Mercedes-Benz. 

In this program, you’ll learn the skills needed to design, build, and test autonomous vehicles, including machine learning, computer vision, and sensor fusion. With this certification, you’ll be well-prepared to take on exciting roles at companies leading the charge in autonomous vehicle development, such as Waymo and Cruise Automation.


It has partnered with 275+ universities and companies to provide affordable, job-focused online learning opportunities to individuals and organisations around the globe. Machine Learning by Andrew Ng is one of the most popular new engineering courses on Coursera. It is recognised by DeepLearning.AI Stanford as a comprehensive introduction to the field of machine learning. In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of machine learning, including the theory behind popular algorithms and how to implement them in practice using Python. 

LinkedIn Learning

With over 16,000 courses available in multiple languages, LinkedIn Learning has plenty of options for professionals to improve their skills and advance their careers. Learning Python by LinkedIn Learning is a complete package to explore the intricacies of data engineering. It is an in-depth, comprehensive program that will teach you everything you need to know to become proficient in Python. 

Khan Academy

If you want to get started with the fundamentals of new engineering courses in India, Khan Academy is the best source available. Well-known for its comprehensive maths curriculum, it covers topics from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus and linear algebra. Additionally, Khan Academy can be your handy guide to brush up on your basics. What’s more? It’s free.


With over 35 million users, Udemy is a leading learning platform offering modules and lessons that include videos, text notes, and assessments. The popularity of the Complete Ethical Hacking Course offered is overwhelming among students. You’ll obtain certification from top tech organisations such as CompTIA, EC-Council, and ISACA. 

Top 5 Emerging Jobs for New Engineering Courses in India

emerging jobs for new engineering courses in India

The listed new engineering courses focus on the in-demand emerging jobs in the field, giving you the skills and knowledge required to succeed in the workforce. Here are a few jobs that you can aim for if you pick any of the listed new engineering courses in India,

Deep Learning Engineer

Deep learning engineers are experts at the forefront of creating and deploying cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions. It is highly technical work requiring a deep understanding of advanced techniques. If you have a passion for machine learning and want to be at the forefront of the field, becoming a deep learning engineer will be the perfect career path for you. Deep learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence to train artificial neural networks, recognise patterns and make decisions based on large amounts of data. 

For example, a deep learning engineer builds models to predict stock prices or detect fraud in financial transactions. Deep learning has several applications, including in the agriculture industry, where it is applicable to help machines recognise plants and apply the appropriate treatment, reducing the use of pesticides and increasing output.

Data Engineer

 Data engineers are the unsung heroes of the data world. They are responsible for building and maintaining the infrastructure that allows organisations to store, process, and analyse vast amounts of data.

With the increasing use of big data and data science across various industries, the demand for data engineers is reaching new leaps. In finance, healthcare, and retail, you will be responsible for designing and building scalable data pipelines, ensuring that data is correctly stored and structured for analysis.

Solar Engineer

 Solar engineers work on exciting and meaningful projects that help shape the future of renewable energy. Their work helps combat climate change and protect the planet. From small residential solar panel installations to large-scale solar power plants. You shall do it all!

Solar engineers allow organisations and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint and transition to a more sustainable future. Now, this sounds like a field of responsibility and honest work.

Full-Stack Engineer

 As a full-stack engineer, you will be responsible for communicating with different members of the software development team and helping to plan and develop strategies to scale the software development process. Full-stack engineers have a strong understanding of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for building the front end of an application, as well as languages like Python, Ruby, or Java for the back end. They are also familiar with databases like MySQL or MongoDB and Git for version control.

Additionally, you’ll have to take steps to mitigate risks, gain a competitive advantage in the industry, and design the user experience (UX).

Website Administration Engineer

21st-century companies must have a robust online presence. And, you are the go-to person for keeping websites running smoothly and effectively. The goal is to ensure that the website is accessible, user-friendly, and aligned with the organisation’s or individual’s goals and objectives. 

Some examples of the responsibilities of a Website Administration Engineer include setting up and configuring web servers, managing database systems, and troubleshooting technical issues. The scope for Indian Engineers in this field is broad as the demand for skilled website administrators is high due to the pandemic.

Kalvium: Revolutionizing Engineering Courses

As mentioned earlier under new engineering courses, some of the highest paying jobs are in the fields of data learning engineering, full stack engineering, and data engineering. One way to enter these professions is by pursuing a BTech in computer science. But why settle for an ordinary BTech program when you can supercharge your learning experience and earn up to 8 lakhs simultaneously at Kalvium? Yes, you heard it right! Kalvium is India’s first work-integrated engineering curriculum, offering paid internships right from the second year.

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  • Available in 10+ top universities in India and abroad, and supported by leaders from Google, Microsoft, Flipkart, Ola, Zerodha, and Cred.

When it comes to selecting from the array of new engineering courses, it’s crucial to choose one that provides invaluable internship opportunities, engaging capstone projects, and the chance to contribute to open-source projects. At Kalvium, our sole focus is to prepare you for the industry by equipping you with real-world skills that employers value.

What’s the Verdict?

We hope you are much closer to choosing your pathway after reading the listed new engineering courses available in India for 2023. Our list of new engineering courses in India covers diverse fields such as genetic engineering, nanotechnology, alternative energy engineering, and control engineering (AR & VR). Whether you are interested in finding solutions to energy challenges, working with infinitesimally small particles and structures, or designing cutting-edge AR and VR systems, a new engineering course aligns with your interests and career goals. 

By choosing one of these new engineering courses available in India, you can gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today’s competitive and rewarding industry. Leading universities such as SRM University Chennai, Sharda University, Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research, UNIPUNE, and IIEST Shibpur, offer specialisations in these fields.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Which engineering course is best for the future in India?

There are plenty of new engineering courses in India to choose from. Nevertheless, Nanoengineering is a trending choice for students in India as it allows for the development of innovative technologies that can improve various aspects of life. Such as faster computers, more efficient power sources, and medical treatments that can save lives.

  1. What are the new courses in engineering?

The new courses in engineering comprise Genetic Engineering, Alternative Energy Engineer, Nanoengineering, Control Engineering (AR & VR) and Mechatronics Engineering.

  1. What are the new engineering courses in India?

Robotics Engineering, Biotech Engineering and Cybersecurity Analyst are some of the trending new engineering courses in India.

  1. Which engineering course is best now?

We have listed down various new engineering courses in India that are rewarding. However, data engineering is a competitive course choice as there is an increased demand for professionals skilled in big data in the industry.