It has been an eventful week for us Kalvians here at Lovely Professional University, Punjab. From the submission of documents (7th September 2022) to the LPU Induction Ceremony (8th September 2022), followed by the Kalvium Induction Ceremony (9th September 2022), each of us had an exciting and action-packed kick start to our college “careers”.

Everything from how we will be graded to the atmosphere we expect over the next four years was explained so beautifully that we couldn’t help but be more excited for what lay ahead.

College “Careers” | Why I Named It So.

We were informed from the very beginning that this was not a traditional college course. However, we had our doubts about it being different. Kalvium is an educational program that has revolutionized college education by delivering an industry-based education to its students. The concept of traditional teaching via lectures, classes, blackboard teaching, etc. has been converted into more immersive and engaging self-paced lessons accessible through LiveBooks. Being able to internalise concepts in depth and clear doubts and concept blockers without disturbing the whole class have been a confidence-building point for me.

Every student present in the Kalvium Community has been assured internships from the beginning of their second year. This will allow us to gather experience and develop a strong portfolio. As a result, was get better growth opportunities as compared to traditional Computer Science B.Tech graduates. Studying new concepts, assignment submissions, and attending specific live sessions are organised in an industry-oriented manner. At every step of the program, we are told about the industry life and the atmosphere to be expected. Therefore, the LPU x Kalvium course for BTech CSE is not just a college degree course. I would rather refer to it as a college “Careers” course.

The “First” Day | How our Classes Were for Day 1.

I can guarantee that most of us had long faces and mutual feelings of exhaustion when we heard that sessions would be hosted from 9 AM to 6:30 PM, Monday to Saturday. That’s right, almost 10 hours a day for six days a week! A lot of us were questioning this. However, we were all dumbfounded when we stepped in for our “first” actual session. The way that the Kalvium team had constructed everything seamlessly, from recommended schedules to modes of interaction with colleagues and the working mechanisms of the “mentor”, all made sense. At the end of the day, the “exhaustion” that I had expected never hit.

All the modules in the Live Books were made fun and interactive via submission-mandated assignments. This ensures active learner participation instead of traditional passive recipients. Whenever a concept had not been understood by an individual, a colleague who had a clear understanding of the topic was given a chance to help. Additionally, the mentors gave everyone who had helped proper appreciation and feedback for their valuable time and knowledge. In case, the topic was not explained by a colleague or not understood when explained, the mentors were always on standby for such situations.

The Kalvium culture encouraged us to discard the usage of honorary titles such as “sir/madam” within the community as this is how things are expected in the industry. Although many of us had a hard time adjusting to this, by the end of the week, I would very happily like to inform my readers that I for one am accustomed to this. I find it better than the usual honorary titles that we have been using forever in our society.

Kalvium students listening to a session by industry expert
Kalvium Induction Ceremony 2022-2026

The Transformation | From Induction to Here.

When we first came together as a community, I had doubts about the “trust” factor. “Should I trust this person? Can I trust my batchmate?” were common questions running around my mind. Now, after over one week, I am delighted to inform you that we all have formed a link with each other all thanks to the very interactive courses delivered by Kalvium. We have all grown at least a little bolder as compared to how we arrived here at LPU. Everything from confidence-boosting games conducted in the induction ceremony to activities that took place in the “learning space” either as a group or individually, demanded active participation. As a result, we have grown together as a community and have developed a strong bond with each other.

Being able to study and grow in a psychologically safe environment where our opinions and criticism is taken into sincere consideration to provide the best possible education for its student has been an amazing experience so far. And I strongly believe the same will continue to be delivered in the four years to come!

One Week at College | The Motivation.

In conclusion, only a week has gone by of the four years that are yet to arrive. You may ask, where does our motivation stand before and after this exhilarating week of adventure and learning?

Well, before the classes began, the promise of guaranteed internships from the second year had provided us with more than enough motivation to keep going for the 10-hour classes six days a week. Now, what would I say about our motivation levels after a week of the delivered sessions? Some of us might be equally motivated as before, but as for the others, only higher! I have witnessed and experienced the dedication that every mentor puts into their work which has provided me with extra motivation to work harder on each project that I produce and deliver. After completion, the mentors thoroughly examine our work to check for errors.

From long nights of submissions and corrections to being present early in the morning for doubt clearance during self-paced lessons, the mentors have played a huge role in our motivation department. With that, I would like to conclude my experience by stating that I not only look forward to our upcoming four years but am genuinely excited about it!

– Navaneeth Arunkumar