Are you looking for the answer to “How To Get Computer Science Degree?” If spoken briefly, the first step in obtaining a computer science degree is to research and select an accredited university or college that offers a computer science programme. The following step is to fulfil the admission requirements, which usually include a high school diploma or equivalent. After acceptance, you must complete the program’s required coursework, which may include programming, data structures, algorithms, computer systems, and software development classes. Furthermore, many programmes require students to complete a capstone project or an internship to gain field experience and earn an undergraduate degree.

We know that Computer Science is the study of computers and computational systems. Let’s learn the ins and outs of “How To Get Computer Science Degree” in this comprehensive guide. From researching programs and specialisation to the pathway from 12th standard to postgraduate studies, Kalvium covers it all!

What is Computer Science?

Computer science is typically thought of as becoming an expert in programming but it doesn’t take many classes for the students to realize that it isn’t the entire story. Computer science is the intensive study of computers, computational theories, algorithms, hardware, and software. In simple terms, it is essentially about coming up with effective technological solutions to real-life problems.

As our lives continue to rely on technology, the field of computer science has become increasingly important and relevant. This field now applies to almost every sector including healthcare, business, finance, sociology, education, and more. With the rise of big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, computer science professionals are in high demand across various industries. Let’s briefly demystify the world of computer science and understand what it is, and what it’s clearly not!

What Computer Science IsWhat Computer Science Is Not
Theory, design, development and
application of computers
Just about programming
Study of AI, database systems, vision, and graphics,
numerical analysis, programming languages, etc
Tech Support
Emphasizes problem-solving skills Playing video games
Encourages innovation and facilitates research in
other areas of our daily lives
Learning to use MS Office

How to get Computer Science degree: Overview

Computer science offers various degrees at certificate, undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate levels with the potential for a different career path after graduating from these programs. Under a 2 or 3-year Diploma in Computer Science after 10th, students generally cover the fundamentals. At the undergraduate level, students typically study both basics of computer systems and operations focused on a particular area like artificial intelligence, game designing, machine learning, etc. Master’s is mostly a 2-year degree program with an advanced curriculum in AI, Database systems. Interactive Computing etc. Those who opt for a PhD spend about 4-5 years on their theses.

Understanding how to get computer science degree at different levels to build and advance your career is essential for those looking to excel in the field. Following are a few soft skills and personality traits that can help you ace the journey of earning a computer science degree,

Skill-setWhy do you need the said skill?
Problem-solvingComputer science involves solving complex problems using logical and analytical thinking, so the ability to think critically and creatively is important
Attention to detailComputer science requires a great deal of precision and accuracy, so attention to detail is essential
PatienceComputer programming and debugging can be time-consuming and frustrating, so patience is a key trait to have
CuriosityThe field of computer science is vast and constantly changing, so a genuine interest and curiosity in technology is important
Strong work ethicComputer science degree programs are often challenging and require a great deal of hard work, so a strong work ethic is essential
Logical thinkingComputer science is all about designing, analyzing, and troubleshooting algorithms and software, so logical thinking is an important skill to have

Computer Science Degrees: Eligibility & More

How to get computer science degree by picking the best option available can be a little tough to answer. But to make it simple we have prepared a list of the courses available in Computer Science along with the general eligibility criteria for each course level. The best Computer Science courses at the undergraduate level considering career growth, employment opportunities and salary perspective are BTech and BSc CSE. For the postgraduate level, MSc in Computer Science Engineering and MTech in Computer Science is at the top of the list. Below are some computer science courses at different levels.

Kalvium - How to get a computer science degrees with different level of certifications
Course LevelNameEligibility Duration
CertificateUnderstanding Computer Systems
by Future Learn
10+2 from CBSE or any
recognized board
6 months
DiplomaDiploma In Computer Science and Engineering10+2 with a minimum score
of 50-60% marks
2 years
UndergraduateBTech In Computer Science 10+2 with a minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths4 years
PostgraduateMTech In Computer Science Bachelor’s degree in Computers or Computer related field with a minimum score of 50% marks2 years
Doctorate P.hD. In Computer Science and Engineering Master’s degree in Computer Science with at least 55% marks4-5 years

How to get Computer Science degree after 10th?

Students after 10th can pursue a certificate or diploma in Computer Science. Various colleges offer certificate and diploma courses in Computer Science and the duration can vary from 1-3 years. Computer Aided Designing (CADD) and Advanced Diploma in Computer Science Engineering are considered among the best diplomas.

Course NameAverage Course Fees
Diploma in Computer Aided DesigningINR 40,000 – 2.80 LPA
Advanced Diploma in Computer Science INR 13,000 – 60,000
Diploma in Computerised Accounting INR 7,900 – 1.2 LPA
Advanced Diploma in Programming in
Advanced Computer Languages
Upto INR 1 LPA

How to get Computer Science degree after 12th?

After completing 12th, students are eligible for certificate, diploma and undergraduate level Computer Science courses. The most popular undergraduate courses are BTech and BSc in Computer Science Engineering. The duration varies from 3-4 years.

Course NameAverage Fees
BTech Computer ScienceINR 1,50,000- 3,00,000 LPA
BSc Computer Science Engineeringupto INR 1.8 LPA
BE Computer Science INR 1-2 LPA
BA Computer Science INR 10,000 – 2 LPA
BSc Hons in Computer Science INR 2- 5 LPA

Top Postgraduate Computer Science Courses

There are a lot of career opportunities after completing postgraduation. Understanding how to get computer science degree at different levels, especially postgraduate, to advance your career is essential for those looking to excel in the field. The two most pursued master’s courses in Computer Science are MSc in Computer Science and MTech both the courses are designed to prepare students with skills at par with techniques modern industry requires.

Course NameAverage Fees
MSc Computer Science INR 30,000 – 3,00,000 LPA
MTech in Computer Science INR 35,000 -4,00,000 LPA

How to get Computer Science degree at the Doctorate level

PhD in Computer Science is a 3-5 years long advanced study and research in the field of Computer Science. The degree is awarded after the submission of the dissertation which includes unique, original, and creative research work. The course is comprised of three key components: Course work, research focus, and thesis submission. Students who have completed a Master’s in Computer Science or any related discipline can pursue any of the following doctorate degrees.

Potential careers which typically require a PhD include Dean of students, Research Associate, Research Scientist, Assistant Professor, Guest Teacher, etc.

Course NameAverage Fees
Ph.D. Computer ScienceINR 10,000 – 2,75,000
Ph.D. Computer Science and Engineering INR 50,000 – 3,00,000
Ph.D. Computer Science and Information technologyINR 30,000 – 5,00,000

How to Get Computer science Degree from Top Colleges in India

Computer Science is one of the most sought-after programs in India. The graphs for competition and jobs in this domain are always on the positive side. There is also a boom in private and government engineering colleges across the country. How to get Computer Science degree from top colleges in India is a question that many students grapple with. Getting into the country’s top colleges is not an easy feat, it demands hard work and dedication. Here is a list of the popular colleges with their best Computer Science programs,

College NameCourse Name Average Fees
IIT MadrasBTech Computer Science INR 75,000 – 1 LPA
BITS PilaniMTech Computer Science INR 5 – 6 LPA
Jamia Hamdard University, DelhiPh.D. Computer Science INR 1,12,000 LPA
The Oxford Polytechnic, Bangalore Diploma in Computer Science INR 15,000 (yearly)
Fergusson College, PuneBSc Computer Science INR 12,000 (yearly)

IIT Madras is one of the top Engineering colleges in the country. Tamil Nadu has other best Engineering Colleges including NIT Trichy, VIT Vellore, etc. To read more about leading engineering colleges and entrance exams in Tamil Nadu, India, click here.

Computer Science Specialisations

list of computer sciences specialisation for how to get computer science degree

Computer Science is a vast and diverse field of study it offers various career possibilities. Students are often surprised by the sheer number of career paths available to them. When we think of Computer Science graduates the first thing that comes to our mind is Software Engineer, Information Technology(IT) Engineer, Software Consultant, or similar occupations. However, with various Computer Science specialisations now being offered career potential in unique niches are available to Computer Science graduates.

Specialisations prepare students for advanced careers with a focus on strengthening Industry specific skills. Here are the top 5 popular specialisations offered in the Computer Science program,

  1. Artificial Intelligence: Is one of the fastest-evolving branches of Computer Science. How to get Computer Science degree in AI is something that hardcore builders with a passion for tinkering and inventing things in the tech world wonder. This cutting-edge field of technology requires specialized and rigorous training where the learners explore computer-human interaction, master machine languages as well as gain expertise in natural language processing.
  2. Game Design: How to get Computer Science degree in Game Designing is a no-brainer. Often the passion for games drives the learner to figure it out easily. This field prepares the students for roles like Game Developer, Game Designer, Software Developer etc
  3. Business Intelligence: This branch of Computer Science teaches students about advanced techniques for critically analyzing, managing, and storing data. It is all about how Data analysis and management and solving business problems.
  4. Robotics: Robotics is another branch of Computer Science that is growing at a rapid rate. Learners study theory as well as earn hands-on experience in Robotics Principles, Machine Learning, and Control Systems.
  5. Health Informatics: How to get computer science degree in Health Informatics is another most ‘in’ question these days. Learners are required to study the fundamentals of Medical Sciences behind different technologies like Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Ultrasound imaging, Digital Radiography, etc. The students will also be given training on electronic data protection and security with special emphasis on maintaining e-health records and public health informatics.

Below are a few specialisations that are better pursued after a certain level of education and drive rewarding careers in the field of computer science,

Bachelor’s DegreeMaster’s DegreeDoctorate Degree
Systems Architecture Artificial Intelligence BioInformatics
Networks Game Designing Computer Algebra
Data AnalyticsBusiness IntelligenceCryptography
Algorithms Computer Graphics Quantum Computing
Systems and SoftwareHuman-Computer InteractionSoftware Engineering

How to get Computer Science Degree that is Industry-Ready?

How to get a computer science degree with tips for computer science students - Kalvium

Once admitted into a computer science program the next crucial question is how to get computer science degree that makes you industry-ready. Earning a degree in computer science is easier said than done. Although it’s a technology and skill-oriented course, the important steps to finish a degree in Computer Science are not as technically oriented as you might think. To make it successful you need to make the most of your years in college so that you ensure you can stand out upon graduation.

  • Degree level: What degree level are you aiming to pursue? Which level is necessary for your career path and professional development? Different degree levels serve different purposes. The more qualified you are the better job prospects you can bag. So choose your degree very wisely considering your interest, eligibility, and your goals.
  • Learn skills outside your degree program: Don’t rely entirely on your course to sharpen your skills. You must learn to take benefit of outside resources be it computer science blogs, apps, podcasts, part-time online courses, etc to develop your skillsets. Identifying valuable resources is a trait that successful computer science engineers have.
  • Grow your network: At a time when the computer community is growing wider with every passing day, it is becoming vital to leverage your existing contacts and explore internships or freelance projects. College years are the perfect time for networking so that four years down the line when you’re walking out of the college gate with your degree you have a strong network that can help you establish yourself in the industry.
  • Stay ahead of the schedule: As a computer science student, you must learn to create a sustainable study and work strategy at college and at home. Avoid procrastination by setting small goals so that you don’t miss deadlines.
  • Time Management: One of the guaranteed ways on how to get a computer science degree successfully is effective management of time and energy. Pushing important tasks to the last minute can make you feel burned out and impact your productivity. An effective time management strategy will help you achieve more and be productive about your days.

Kalvium: Work-Integrated Computer Science Engineering Program

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  • 24/7 mentorship to help students become full-stack developers before graduation, by providing them with opportunities to learn cutting-edge technologies.
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What’s the Verdict?

Understanding the different degrees available and what they offer is an important step in figuring out How To Get Computer Science Degree. Computer science is a field that offers a wide range of educational opportunities, from certificate programs to doctoral degrees. A bachelor’s degree in computer science is the most common level of education for those entering the field and provides a strong foundation in computer programming, data structures, algorithms, and computer systems. A master’s degree in computer science can provide more specialized training and open up opportunities for advanced research and development roles. A doctorate degree in computer science is suitable for those who want to pursue a career in academia or research and development.

How to get Computer Science degree?-Belief and Hard work are the most important attributes - Kalvium

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

With the ever-changing technology, computer science education is updated constantly to provide students with the latest knowledge and skills. To pursue a career in computer science, it is important to choose a program that aligns with your career goals and interests. We recommend starting your career with a liberal engineering undergraduate program, such as Kalvium.

  • How long does it take to do a computer science degree?

It depends on which degree in Computer Science you’re wishing to pursue. The certificate course takes 6 months, and a Diploma varies between 1-2 years. An undergraduate BTech is a 4-year degree program whereas a Master’s is a 2 years course.

  • What do you need for a computer science degree?

In India, the eligibility criteria as stated by the AICTE is that of passing 10+2 or equivalent exams with a minimum score of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.

  • Is it hard to know how to get computer science degree?

No, there are enough resources online and offline to know how to get computer science degree. We hope that our blog was able to provide the answers you were looking for.

  • Is getting a computer science degree worth it?

While planning on how to get computer science degree, it is normal to think about whether it is worth it in 2023. Yes, increasing demands in the ever-evolving tech industry for computer professionals mean a secure career often with hefty salaries.