My First Week Experience | Kalvium x LPU

Four extraordinary experiences opened the gates of learning for me!

Kalvium Environment

One may argue as to how an environment can be an experience, to them I’ll say welcome to Kalvium.

– Chirag Chavda

The faculty here has made me look at the way one perceives a learning space differently, which I experienced through the self-paced classes. These gave me independence as a learner to focus on things that I was weak at, and this is not even the best part. The best part is the autonomy to experiment and learn it your way!

Interactive Classes

Ideas are well thought out when they are shared and improvised. From day 1, I experienced great interactivity between the mentors and the students in form of several group discussions. Such as a discussion on a beautiful book called ‘Who Moved my Cheese‘, a discussion on self-awareness, and many more.

Kalvium Community

When entering a new environment, one can feel out of place once in a while. However, at Kalvium, during this week, I never found myself to be out of place as I have always had the support of my colleagues/friends. The experience of making new friends has been as refreshing as a warm bath after a tedious workout. I have been learning so many new things, thanks to my colleagues. Also, I have realised that every single individual has a skill that they are good at. This just makes it much more fun to interact with others. For instance, Aditya Anand makes me interested in UI designing whereas Shreya makes me want to play badminton, and so much more.

Kalvium Houses

The Kalvium batch has been divided into three Houses and my batchmates elected me as one of the Captains. How exciting! To date, I have faced only 2 challenges as the house captain and I am already so excited about the rest. The competitions held under the House Championships are like no other normal competitions. Unique activities are organised by the mentor and it is immense fun competing with all the other captains. I am looking forward to the rest of my time at Kalvium!

– Chirag Chavda