Technology is a constantly evolving field. As a computer science graduate, the growth opportunities are endless. Computer science covers a diverse range of exciting and fast-growing careers from software development to cybersecurity. If you’re interested in working with computers, complex mathematics, and problem-solving is the one for you. But keep in mind that even if you love maths and science, you can get stuck in calculus. Coding and programming languages ​​may sound like a fun game, but delivering a project and working in the real world is a whole different experience. 

Nonetheless, hacking established software and finding vulnerabilities in the work of peers and industry experts are all part of a computer science degree. Mind you, I mean ethical hacking here. Not a shady deal! In addition, understanding how the programs you design can be attacked and finding solutions to these problems is another exciting feature under the same roof. 

Computer Science Specialisations

Computer Science is an ocean of opportunities. You can specialise in various domains and pick your poison! Here are a few majors that are trending in the tech industry and also provide high-paying entry-level growth opportunities.

  1. Web Application Development
  2. Mobile Application Development
  3. Software Development (Projects)
  4. Operating Systems
  5. Compiler Designing
  6. Advanced Networks And Security
  7. Database Management
  8. Algorithms And Game Theory
  9. Data Processing And Analysis

Potential Careers as a Computer Science & Engineering Graduate

According to a recent AICTE statistic, about 8 Lakh students in India graduate as Engineers every year. Only 16% are employable in the IT sector amongst companies such as Infosys and TCS and less than 4% are employable in product roles with multinational companies such as Microsoft and Google. As a result, young graduates end up in low-paying jobs with no growth prospects. This leads us to the harsh reality of how B.E. and B.Tech degrees do not always guarantee high-paying jobs; in-demand new-age tech skills and industry work experience does. Let’s look at some job opportunities to explore as a computer science graduate.

Software Engineering

The best computer science careers today are in software engineering because of the high salary and remote work options available. Computer programmers are knowledgeable in programming languages, web frameworks, version control, and test-driven development and apply learned principles to create software and applications.

Full Stack Developer

Full stack Developers are fluent in the concepts of front- and back-end development. Java, Python, HTML, and CSS are some of the languages they are fluent in. Additionally, they also know how to Program a browser, such as JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, or Vue, and Program a server, like using PHP, ASP, Python, or Node.

Product Management

The three key areas of project management are technology, business management, and user experience. Project managers collaborate cross-functionally with developers, marketers, and designers to produce features while monitoring the user experience and the product’s requirements. Since knowing how to code helps to improve the product features, software engineers frequently change careers and go into project management.

Cloud Engineer

The growth of the cloud has led to high demand for professionals with cloud computing skills such as cloud security, database administration, and network architecture. Using tools like TerraForm, cloud engineers are in charge of constructing and managing networks and infrastructure. Additionally, there are many different specialisations within the topic of cloud computing itself.

Mobile Developer

Applications created by mobile developers are responsive on tablets and smartphones. They have a strong background in front-end development and coding languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and they focus on the iOS and Android platforms.

DevOps Engineer

Are you passionate about the working process of software and applications instead of writing the code? Then this is for you. A DevOps engineer monitors how the software is deployed and generates scripts to automate updates, deploy the software, and more.

Security Engineer

An Information Security Engineer is responsible for designing and testing security software that is resilient to cyberattacks. 

Computer Systems Analyst

The role of a computer systems analyst is to research an organisation’s computer systems and make recommendations or improvements. 

Tech skills at Kalvium
Essential tech skills you learn and perfect at Kalvium

Up-Skill With Kalium

Out-of-Classroom expertise is essential for all Software Developers. Practical implementation of concepts helps internalise and develop a deeper understanding of what’s important. Students deliver real-world industry projects using methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, & Agile along with tools such as Jira and Trello

With Kalvium, you learn new-age tech skills & in-demand technologies that enable you to become a Full Stack Developer before graduation. Below are a few skilling courses and programming languages & applications covered in the curriculum to ensure you are industry-ready at the end of your study.

  1. Problem-Solving using Programming: Hackerrank, VS Code, & Git+GitHub
  2. Full Stack Development: CI CD, Aws Cloud, Heroku, REST API, & DevOps 
  3. Front End Development: HTML, Bootstrap, APIs, CSS, React JS, Javascript, Ajax, & ES6
  4. Databases: Mongoose, MongoDB, & Redis
  5. Back End: express, Postman, & Node.JS

As you work on various projects to develop a deeper understanding of course topics and programming languages, you develop various soft skills that help you excel in the workplace. You graduate as a working professional and an in-demand software engineer. Some of the niche skills you develop are,

  1. Teamwork And Leadership
  2. Communication
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Negotiation
  5. Time Management And Organisation
  6. Report Writing
  7. Numeracy
  8. Commercial Awareness.

While conventional engineering degrees promote memorization and rote learning, Kalvium promotes a minds-on hands-on learning experience boosting the critical thinking skills of all students. With Kalvium, you excel at both technical and behavioural skills leading you to be an in-demand recruit during your placements.


An industry-aligned course is how you thrive in the ever-evolving world of computer science. With Kalvium, over 4 years of your study, you develop professional skills, maintain and build a work network, and gain industry experience that helps you land lucrative job opportunities. You develop a portfolio of hackathons, programming clubs, mentor sessions, applications and game development, project design and management, etc. Students graduating with a computer science degree get the best opportunities of any major, followed by coveted and lucrative careers in areas such as software development, artificial intelligence and data science can be pursued.