Today, due to the abundance of online platforms and resources, both paid and unpaid, any enthusiastic learner can be proficient in programming languages such as Python. Children can learn to code through free software such as VS Code by going through YouTube videos, running practice routines on their devices, and consulting with online coaches, engineering peers, and professionals. However, to understand algorithms, and data structures to develop software and programs that have a real-world impact, all computer science enthusiasts require professional guidance and mentorship. Platforms such as Hackerrank are available to all; however, not many know about them until they research the same. 

Furthermore, to be hired as a Software Developer and Program Architect, Computer Science enthusiasts must have a strong foundation in mathematical academic courses and various systems courses; such as 

  1. Operating systems
  2. Computer networks
  3. Database Management Systems
  4. Computer Architecture
  5. Logic Design

Nevertheless, all this is followed by specialisations and expertise in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud computing. These are essential branches of being a 21st-century Computer Science major. To stand out in the global tech industry, students have to hustle to be on top of their game. And that can only be achieved by having a solid foundation in all academic and skilling courses and appropriate specialisations. 

Curriculum Enabling Minds-On & Hands-On Learning

Engineering enthusiasts may self-study and even bag high-ranking roles in the industry, but not everyone is able to do so. Lack of mentor and peer learning out-of-classroom sessions and real-world industry-based project experience often are the domineering shortcomings of such students. Industry exposure and its requirements are something that students experience when working in the industry.

As a next step, it is important to shortlist an institute and program that provides students with campus and student facilities along with a curriculum that delivers industry-relevant skills. Conventional undergraduate degree programs are often teacher-centric and promote rote learning over out-of-classroom experiences. Undergraduate education is more than often a career-defining decision. For whom paper credentials and qualifications play an important role, it is of utmost importance to pick a prestigious institute to pursue their studies. But prestigious universities more than often deliver a weak curriculum that doesn’t include skilling courses that enable students to land high-paying software developer IT jobs. As a result, they often end up working in non-technical roles at a low-paying placement salary. 

Kalvium: Liberate the Engineer in You, Be #EngineeredDifferently

The harsh reality students face is that paper credentials often fail them in the industry competition as engineering graduates and trained professionals equipped with in-demand tech skills and real-world experience bag lucrative jobs. On the other hand, underskilled graduates are left with underpaid jobs and mere certifications. Kalvi Career Education Pvt. Ltd. introduces a 4-year on-campus program for Computer Science aspirants under the age of 21 years in Coimbatore. The Kalvium program enables students to thrive in the tech industry as successful employees and leaders. Students are equipped with the knowledge and skills of a Full Stack Developer by the end of 1st year of their study itself. 

Kalvium Program Highlights

  • Curriculum designed by the leading CXOs of the Tech Industry
  • Latest technologies that make you a Full-Stack Developer even before you Graduate
  • 24*7 On-Campus Mentorship that enables you to become a Future Tech Leader 

Kalvium Program Outcomes

  • Guaranteed End of 1st Year Placements
  • Minimum Stipend Guarantee of INR 15,000 per month (up to INR 8 Lakhs) from years 2 to 4
  • Graduate with a 3-year work experience and bag a 3x Better Pay Package during Final Placements

Kalvium is home to computer science and engineering aspirants who are passionate about their software industry and tech leader dreams. At Kalvium, admissions do not require paper credentials and qualifications. Challenging conventional undergraduate engineering degrees, Kalvium delivers a student-centric liberal learning approach. While professors and subject matter experts deliver the best of classroom learning, mentorship from industry professionals is essential to becoming a successful software engineer. Hackathons and simulated work environments are key to developing a deeper understanding of classroom concepts. While conventional engineering degrees promote memorization and rote learning, Kalvium promotes a minds-on hands-on learning experience boosting the critical thinking skills of all students. 


Students and parents often take financial loans to cover the cost of undergraduate education in a good private university. Well-deserving high-paying placements are their only concern for undergraduate courses such as Computer Science & Engineering. However, many government and private universities operate as educational bureaucracies and fail to deliver the necessities of an educational institution; i.e., practical hands-on learning, real-world work experience, nurturing a growth mindset incorporating essential workplace soft skills, and high-paying final-year placement opportunities. As a result, students end up working in low-paying jobs due to a lack of skills and experience. Student aspirations are crushed and parents often face a financial burden because of a certified degree that failed short of its promises. 

Kalvium brings to you a 4-year on-campus program, designed by leading CXOs of the tech industry. Alongside subject matter experts, students learn in a real-world work environment and are trained by mentors with 2+ years of experience in the Software-IT sector. Kalvium provides computer science aspirants with a truly experiential program where they learn to manage their finances, work on industry projects with real-time results, and develop a work-life balance from the onset of their education.

NOTE: Kalvium is backed by India’s top technology leaders including Sujeet Kumar (Co-founder at Udaan), Kunal Shah (Founder at CRED), Nithin Kamath (CEO at Zerodha), Rahul Chari (CTO at PhonePe), and many more. It is brought to you by founders of Coimbatore-based Startups FACE Prep & ProGrad who have trained and placed >50 Lakh students over the last 13 years.